Happy 7th Birthday to Stem Group!

Stem Group celebrates their 7th year in business growing from 2 employees in 2005 to 18 today. 


Stem Group has gone from strength to strength gaining well known South West companies as clients such as Brittany Ferries, Devonport High School for Boys and Burts Chips.
With the help of well-known Directors David Young and Ian Brooking of The Una Group, Stem Group has been an influential IT company in the South West.
We’ve got a fantastic team at Stem Group and it’s great to be able to celebrate that on our 7th birthday. We all work hard and are proud of the work we do; which is clear if you speak to any of our clients. We’ve got an exciting year ahead and hope to have expanded even further by our 8th birthday.” Stephen Tyrrell, MD of Stem Group comments.